With the Festival of Lights approaching fast, it’s not long before twinkling lights and sparkling spirits fill up streets and homes. As the country gears up for Diwali, it’s time to let your little ones delve in the fun and festivities that mark this festival. From peppy Diwali kidswear to hand-painted lamps and even origami, here are a few fun things your kids can make the most of this festive season.

1. Let the Juniors Run the Show

Kids find nothing more fun than making hay with bright colours and patterns, all the more if that adds a unique personal touch to your festive celebrations. So, bring those earthen candles and tealights out and let them run riot with brushes and colours. If you can walk the extra mile, bring home some clay, sequins, and organic paint and let your kids cut a dash making and painting their own diyas and lamps. Let them have fun with colourful papers– see them cut, fold, string their way to make beautiful lanterns, flowers, garlands etc. – then tell them what they performed is the Japanese art, origami, and see them boast of it at school for days.

2. Get the Creative Bells Ringing (Rangolis)

The rangoli always sits at the heart of every Indian festivity and a Diwali is not complete without one. Cheer on your kids to create fascinating rangoli designs. Whether it’s one of those rangoli stencils lining up the markets or an Internet adaptation –anything works just as well because kids just know how to have fun with colours. Don’t forget the marigolds, roses and jasmines to let it all come together beautifully in the end.

3. Let Traditions Take Over

When the world lights up in tradition, your little ones must make the most of it– and no better way to do that than finding them some really cool ethnic Diwali kidswear. Get them up in lehenga cholis, salwar suits, sherwanis, Nehru jackets, kurtas and dhotis, in bright singing colours on comfy, breathable fabrics. The traditional festive look is never complete without little juttis -- so, hoof it and stock a few pairs in!

4. Have Your Cake, Eat it Too – Just Keep the Sugar Away

Indian festivities mean time for your sweet tooth to take over. While it’s all good in moderation, best to go for low-cal delicacies and organic chocolates. Dry fruits and nuts are always a healthy choice to have going on the side along with fresh juices and high fibre beverages and snacks (oatmeal, fresh fruits, artichokes, grain breads are some excellent ‘healthy delicacies’ ingredients)

5. Go Green!

Good habits are learnt young. Crackers have their own allure but if you want your kids to see through to their ill-effects, Diwali is the time. A good idea could be asking them to come up with a small project on crackers and their environmental impact. Great if you could pull out a good documentary online because with kids, seeing is believing!