Between gifts, festive feasts and doing that tree with bells on, there’s just so much more kids enjoy doing every Christmas. Helping them stay snug and stylish just makes it so much more fun! Take a load off your Christmas to-do list with these simple style hacks to make your kid’s wardrobe Christmas-ready:

 All is bold, all is bright!

Winter fog is in, and all bets are off when it comes to bright sunshine days. But don’t let heavy weather deter them from standing bold and bright.Counter the winter heaviness with Christmas colours --rich reds, greens, blues, golds, plums and pinks. Check out our Christmas outfits for a head start.

 Wardrobe Spirit

What better than to have your wardrobe revel in the Christmas spirit?Our Christmas party wearcollection is the perfect balance between ethereal and fancy so thosespecial Christmas dinnersare even more enjoyable. After all, nothing screams festivity louder than a bit of glitter here, there, everywhere!

 Get those cold winter’s nights?

The festive season isn’t just about glitzy Christmas dresses, parties and outings–it also means basking in fun and frenzy! As you hear the jingle bells go, bring out those cutesy Christmas-themed pyjamas and snuggle up for some bedtime tales of Santa and his little adventures.

 Away in fabrics!

From woollens, knitwear, fleece and flannel to denim, velvet, faux fur, silk and satin, winter is the best time to bring out a whole arsenal of fabrics. Make the most of Christmas by dressing the little lads and ladies in layers of stylish fabrics.

 Dote over Prints

Your little prince or princess is a picture of cuteness already, but some quirky prints and ‘Christmasy’ patterns in their winter wardrobes would just be the icing on the cake.Don’t forget printed jumpers and patterned onesies either.