The first occasions in your newborn’s life represent big milestones, memories both you and your little one will cherish for years to come. It thus becomes important for you to make a big deal out of your child’s ‘first’s’.

As Christmas is round the corner, celebrations are in order indeed! Go all out this Christmas, and arrange a joyous celebration for your little one! Here are 5 tips that guarantee a super special Christmas celebration:

 Pick a themed outfit

Select a festive ensemble for your little one, a special Christmas-sy outfit! You can opt for a themed colour palate; colours like red, bottle green and white work well in Christmas, and deeper tones of the same are popular shades in winter.

For a little girl, you can pick solid-toned dresses in deep shades and pair them up with festive accessories! Printed stockings, fuzzy hats and scarves or warm booties are a big part of the Christmas charm!

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If you are looking for something a little more formal or dressy, pick designer Christmas party wear. Renowned designers like Gauri and Nainika make beautiful dresses, you can layer them with shrugs or jackets for that dolled up Christmassy look!

For little boys, use similar hues and tones; mix things up with scarves and mufflers over classic jumpers! If you are taking your baby to a Christmas party, nothing says festive like a nice suit or an adorable tux!

 Decorate the house

I feel ambiance is the essence of celebration; thoughtful décor and music have a big impact on us, don’t you miss school when you hear a verse of silent night playing on the radio? Extend the same warmth to your little one by giving your home an X-Mas makeover! Decorate the tree with baubles, fairy lights and have your baby put up the star on top! Engaging your child in activities builds traditions that are exclusive to you. Decorate your home with streamers, lights, mistletoe; you can even look up good DIY decorations on the internet for inspiration! Play or sing along popular Christmas carols like ‘Rudolph the red nose reindeer’ or ‘jingle bells’; I guarantee a million smiles on your baby’s face.

 Presents are a must

Let your little one in on the whole ‘Santa’ deal by leaving gift wrapped presents under the tree on the night of Christmas eve. Whether a Christmas dress or a toy, you can gift them a bunch of knick-knacks or an individual gift; there is a lot of room to play around given the sale season is in full swing during Christmas.

 Homemade Christmas treats

Invite friends and family over for dinner on Christmas eve, and cook a themed meal for all. You can cook roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and end the night with plum/chocolate cake. Make sure you keep your baby’s tastes in mind if they are a picky eater! Warm milk and chocolate cookies are immensely popular among kids!

 Shutterbug Alert

Capture your baby’s first Christmas celebration properly; click lots of pictures of your little one while you decorate, with the gifts, the guests and more. Arrange the photographs in a nice scrapbook complete with captions. Upload the snaps on facebook and instagram for the whole world to see and gasp over your efforts!

Involve as many people in the festivities as possible! You can also organize play dates on Christmas Eve and roll out invites with a dress code! Plan out a few games or activities to engage the mothers as well as children.