Warm summer mornings are a distant memory now! Getting kids out of bed on chilly mornings can be as much of a challenge as staying true to those few extra minutes you pledged at the gym. And it doesn’t help when the sweet comfort of their warm duvet tucks them back in.

But a few fun ways can get them to pop out, sans any grumpy faces or early morning squabbles:

1. Build Up Narrative

Kids dread winter mornings. Nothing beats that cosy bed from last night, unless you get hold of their fancy. Get into their head, plant in a sweet morning thought or activityto get them going. A good way could be having them all pepped up talking about things awaiting them the following day. From cookies at breakfast to a drive around town or hitting a trendy winter kidswear store nearby – give them a peep into what the day holds.

2. Ace the Race

If you have got more kids than one, some friendly sibling rivalry can cut it for you. Pit them off against each other in a race against time. From bed to brushing, bathing and getting dressed, the one who aces it all wins. Turn to your nearby kids store for the winner’s prize or have a look at Kidology to find a worthy winner’s prize. Turn this into a winter-long activity and you won’t hear complaints all winter!

3. How about a catchy‘morning’ jingle

Who likes waking up to the pestering of wailing alarm clocks? Kids—definitely not, but what if you turn a corner by bringing in your musical side? Put together a funny family morning jingle. Still better –have the kids invent it. Get them to perform every morning and they’ll happily dance to your ‘tunes’.

4. Yummy Mornings

Even if they don’t feel stepping out, their little empty bellies do! If all else fails, talk about a scrumptious breakfast in the works. A small dose of hot chocolate served in bed could just be the catalyst leading up to those pancakes and sausages getting done in the kitchen.

5. The Early Riser Takes it all

First one up gets to pick what cartoon to watch? Or where to visit over the weekend, or perhaps an extra marshmallow in their hot chocolate? Reward systems do work with kids. Tell them their reward and early rising will soon be a way of life in the house!