Kids wanting to play all day long is a familiar sight. Anything coming in their way could spell trouble. With rains beating down these days, you are more likely to see sad little faces moping around indoors. What do you do?

Either wait it out, until it clears away outside, or bring fun right into your home with these five fun indoor activities.  

1. Memory Jog

A walk down the memory lane is always exciting. We all have those old family albums stocked up with precious bits of nostalgia. You can gamify the simple experience of browsing through by pulling off exciting trivia and anecdotes. Ask them to recall locations, occasions, and spot and identify relatives and name them. A spin-off is the family tree will be more familiar to them.  

2. Cook And Snack  

Kids love munching, and when it’s pouring, cravings can hit the roof.  You have to get some snacking going involving the kids in doing the preparation. Cookies, pasta noodles, pies or even a quick ice cream will do the trick. Also, our little cooks may explore the camaraderie of a team!

3. Shop Till It Drops

Nothing sparks kids up as the idea of shopping.  Let them have some fun building their own wardrobe. Kidology’s interface makes it really simple for your young turks to browse through hundreds of options, including kids ethnic wear, and zero in on what they want.



4. Dance To Their Tunes

Kids love to dance. Just plug and play to see them groove the evening away. Even beat tapping could be a trigger. Once they hit the grove, be ready for some fun moves and skills. Moreover, dancing as a practice is a big confidence booster-- so when it rains, let those tiny feet do the tapping!

5. Treasure Hunt

Kids get swayed away by a discovery hunt. We have all done that -- hidden small objects and gone on a search spree. The joy of salvaging a little teddy from a dark corner is as overwhelming as a real life rescue.  Write down your cues on paper and scatter away all around the house. Lead the kids on a treasure hunt, where the winner gets whatever they love, from kids Indian wear to a box of their favorite chocolate or even a replenishment for their piggy bank.