The rains are a sweet respite from the simmering summers. But they bring their own soggy stories: damp clothes, seasonal infections and the occasional sniffle. As a parent, you would naturally prioritize easy-to-dry fabrics and long-sleeved clothing, but that doesn’t always go down well with the kids. But what if you can get your way around them, even make them look up to it.


Here you go. Our choicest monsoon tips will do the trick.

1. Layer Up:
Monsoon showers carry a nip in the air. We recommend a little extra protection to keep your kids guarded. Pull-on vests or jackets on top of kurtas and shirts are easy add-ons to put on and slip out of. Choose from our vibrant kids’ ethnic wear collection to be high on style and comfort.

2. Cotton’s the Way to Go:
Cotton is easy to dry, absorbs sweat and is soft on the skin. Stock up on comfortable cotton shirts, pants, kurtas and dresses– better give them enough than risk a squabble.

3. Explore ‘em Sleeves:
Long sleeves become prominent during this time. Kurta pajamas and salwar kameez also see a spike. However, kids can’t be expected to go on for long without a change. Surprise them by getting them something from our kids’ designer wear which is all about being beautiful and comfortable even during high humidity.

4. Introduce Darker Colours:
Outdoors are incredibly muddy during monsoons. And kids care more about their fun time than about getting their clothes dirty. Cleaning off stains and dirt of light-coloured clothes can drive anyone up the wall. Including darker shades in your kid’s wardrobe is a smart way to avoid stains and damage to the material.

5. Let The Feet Breathe:
Puddles and flooding are extremely common during the rains and footwear bear the brunt of it all. Non water-proof shoes could be really discomforting in this season. Go for sturdy, water resistant footwear– open-toe and closed-toe – so that your kids splash about without a worry in the world.