With winters nearly there, slipping into bed with a cuppa hot chocolate will soon be the new bed-time routine for kids. As the mercury dips further, they will want more than ‘cocoa comfort’ to stay warm and peppy. And the best way is lies in what they eat – yes, foods that pack in warmth every step of the way. Here are a few must-haves your kid’s winter diet must include:

1. Dry Fruits & Nuts

Best things come in small packages, and it couldn’t be truer anymore than for these little nuggets of power. Rich in protein and omega-3 components, dry fruits and nuts break down naturally to keep the body warm. A portion in every meal (especially breakfast) will not only keep them going, but also help guard better against the winter chill.

2. Spices & Herbs

Spices are organic body warmers of a kind. Of course, chillies aren’t the best bet when it comes to kids, but ginger, garlic, cinnamon, black pepper (and more) from the league of culinary herbs provide enough choices. Moreover, these immunity enhancers come with proven antibacterial and antiviral properties.

3. Fish

As shortened days lead into extended winter nights, sunlight hours dry up and your natural Vitamin D intake dips. Fresh fish fills that gap wonderfully well. Laced with Vitamin D and proteins, a portion of fish with steamed veggies on the side and soup is a picture perfect winter supper.

4. Spinach

Take a cue from Popeye for a healthy spinach diet! From soups, sandwiches and salads to curries and sabzis, spinach rules them all–especially in frosty winters. Gifted with organic antioxidants, it is an immunity booster against those winter mutants--cold and flu.

5. Honey

Honey is possibly the ‘sweetest’ recourse when winter ‘bites’. A good way is to use honey over sugar whenever you can, like porridge, milk, cereal etc. And then, you always have hot pancakes and fruits with a generous drizzle on top to fall back on.

6. Sweet Potatoes

When buttery mashed potatoes turn into an everyday affair, switch to sweet potatoes to bring in a little surprise to the grind. Not only are they delightful to the palate, but stock up high amounts of fibre, Vitamin A & C. Flavourful and nutritious –you can soon expect this to become a winter favourite!