Pulling out sunglasses is a way of life in summers. But it’s just as important in winters, especially on a snowy winter getaway with kids. Read on why sunnies tie in to winters just as well as in summers, especially when you’re vacationing away in high altitudes.

1. Snow

While there could be nothing better than vacationing up in high altitudes to introduce your kid to snow play, a bit of groundwork always helps. While polar jackets, thermals and gloves etc are a given, sunnies are just as important to shield from the strong reflecting power of snow. Snow reflects as much as 80% of the sun’s rays to be potentially damaging to a kid’s sensitive eye since the reflected beam is laced with ultraviolet radiations.

2. Higher Altitudes Mean Greater Radiation

The higher up you go, the more fun it gets! However, that also means exposing your kids to high-resolution ultraviolet radiation since higher altitudes invite a stronger UV burst which must be guarded against.

3. Eye Conditions

Eyes are extremely sensitive – especially in kids. Direct eye contact with snow under a gleaming sun could induce painful eye conditions. And no, don’t mistake only extreme conditions in terrains like the Arctic to cause this. Every area that experiences heavy to moderate snowfall is just as vulnerable.

4. Direct Sunrays

The sun’s rays could scar the outer layer of the eye just as bad in winters as summers. Like sunburn, it’s a measure of direct exposure to the sun which makes young kids soft targets. While you can’t really be watching over them all the time, a pair of glares certainly can truly help!

5. Glaring

Snow glare during winters is intense enough to take a toll on kids. So, even if your kids step out to soak up the warm winter sun, don’t forget to slip on a pair of anti-glares so they enjoy staying safe at the same time.

6. Style

Alright, this might sound cheeky, but there’s no real reason for your kid’s sunnies to be stacked away somewhere until the next summer. Especially when they go along perfectly well with autumn and winter kids trends! (check out some right here for proof)