There’s a general misunderstandingthat weddings and children are like oil and water–they just don’t mix! But at Kidology, we’ve proved otherwise. It’s all about choosing the right outfits that don’t rub them the wrong way, making an adorable style statement while you’re at it. Here’s how you can marry comfort and style for your little ones this wedding season:

 Embrace the colour riot

Whether for playtime or wedding season, achild’s wardrobe should be anything but dull. A bright pop of colour will lend their day-time outfits a playful appeal; try out shades of pink, peach, green, purple and pastels for a sunshine-ready ensemble.You can opt forsubdued shades for evening ceremonies and complement a soft palette with glittering sequin-work, sparkling embellishments, embroidery, bold prints and patterns.

 Double-check size and fitting

As much as we’d wish otherwise, our little ones grow up pretty quickly. So when buying kids wear, size is always going to be a concern. Moms and dads who’ve been through several rounds of outfit alterations will agree that you’ve got to be extra attentive when making your size selection.The ‘right’ size may seem like theperfect fit at the time, but your child may quickly outgrow it. If you want to make the most of the outfit, we recommend buying a more comfortable size they can wear at least a few times without alterations.

 Never compromise on comfort

We believe when it comes to kids wear, style is important, but comfort is simplynon-negotiable. Complicated outfitswith itchy seams and coarse fabrics can be a nightmare to get into, let alone tolerate for long Indian functions. Stylish yet simple, functional andeasy-to-wear outfits in soft fabricswill keep your tiny tots snug through it all; and when you choose Kidology, you know fashioncomes with the guarantee of quality and comfort.

 Accessorize your way to cuteness

As if your child isn’t already the picture of cuteness in her adorable little lehenga or his stately little sherwani, accessories will add a whole new dimension to their look. Bows, large statement hair bands, glittering jewellery and matching handbags will lend character to even simple girls’ Ethnic dresses. Asparkly tiara can make your little girl look every bit like the princess that she is!Boys’ options may be limited but a smart bowtie gives a western formal ensemble a sophisticated edge, while a pair of juttis with his kurta pajama creates a winning ethnic look.