It’s certainly a bittersweet feeling for parents when kids are ready to sleep by themselves and move into their own room. Bitter because it means letting go of the need to constantly watch over them and sweet because they are taking their baby steps towards independence.

However, yet another reason to be excited about your kids having their own room is decorating it for them. It’s an opportunity for parents to awaken their inner child and revisit the quirks and fantasies that mark the blissfully idyllic childhood years.

Setting up your kids’ room involves taking into account their personal preferences and balancing them with your touch of wisdom and attention to comfort. What’s paramount to remember is that we’re creating a space dedicated to their needs, a space that fosters their creative instincts and gets their imagination working. So here are a few fun ideas that will come in handy for you and your toddler.

Walls That Tell a Story

Statement walls are becoming an increasingly popular decorative trend, especially when it comes to children’s rooms. To get on board, try the hassle-free wall murals that cover the entirety of a wall with the design of your choice. They instantly transform an ordinary room into Disneyland, an aquarium or even a planetarium, whatever your precious one sets their heart on! Another fun way to let the walls do the talking and get your children’s creative juices flowing is by having a chalkboard wall that they can draw on as they please. And last but not the least, a built-in bookshelf also doubles up as a striking feature wall and is immensely gratifying for all the bookworms out there!

Let 'Em Move Around

Your kid’s room can be small without being cramped if you opt for smart storage options. Built-in cubbies and bed births are amazing for this purpose and can be used to store everything from clothes and shoes to books, toys and collectibles. It also helps to have flip-top ottomans around which serve the dual purpose of storage and seating. Double win. Plus, all that extra space means that your pint-sized fashionista has room for her mini clothing rack and can show off her cute designer kids wear.

Comfort Is Everything

A room doesn’t feel like one’s own until you’re snug as a bug in a rug! Make sure your kids’ room has an abundance of throw pillows, stuffed animals and maybe even a teepee that they can hide in and read or simply enjoy their playtime. You could also add a quirky animal printed rug for good measure. Cozy is definitely stylish!

Brighten Their World

Lights can bring so much life to a space! However, fairy lights have become all too common now and are quite boring by themselves. Team them with a DIY photo garland and it will make all the difference. You could also swap the pictures with drawings made by your kids. We’re sure they will love this illuminated display of their artwork. Another fun lighting option is installing neon signs with a cute message or art form. Place it right above the headboard of the bed and we know your little one will thank you for that splash of colour!

Recreate Rustic Pleasures

As a throwback to your own childhood and the simplicity of country life, your family could also consider a barn style bedroom. Complete with bunk beds, wooden flooring, rope swings and rope ladders, this rustic paradise will seamlessly fuse the indoors into the outdoors. Rest assured that this one will keep your kid (and you) thoroughly entertained!