Celebrations come in many forms, especially in the Indian culture - where weddings and festivals are always an extravagant affair. From dressing up in fancy kids ethnic wear and learning about age-old traditions to munching on treats specially made for the occasion; festivals are a whole lot of fun. A child’s favourite however, is undoubtedly the riot of colours - Holi.

Little ones love getting messy on Holi by immersing themselves in the vibrant cacophony of colours. But Holi’s cultural significance extends beyond that, it’s a festival that signifies the triumph of good over evil, a festival that celebrates spring in all its glory. The Holi festival is truly a harbinger of new beginnings.

Here are five super fun ideas to celebrate Holi with your kids:

Dress Them Up

Usually, kids are so eager to go revel in the kaleidoscopic fervor of the festival that it’s quite a task dressing them up. However, get them excited about dressing up in ethnic wear, even if it is only for a few hours. Kurta pajama and salwar kameez are great picks for the occasion, and rank high in comfort too. Encourage your kids to express themselves through their attire and let them have a say in the colours, shoes and accessories. This way, your little ones will look forward to all the festivities.

Have a Storytelling Session at Home

For every child, ‘story-telling time’ is always a favourite. Why not use Holi to spin out some colourful tales for your little one? Tell them about the significance of this festival, maybe with an illustrated book like Amar Chitra Katha or Panchtantra, using an age-old tradition to bond with your child. You can even come up with a fun little poem (something they can impress the teachers with at school!). Involve the grandparents too in this session since they always have a couple of interesting anecdotes up their sleeve.

Cook up a Meal Together

What’s a festival without delicious food? Now we know kids can be picky eaters, but not when they are participating in a family ritual. Get a chef hat or an apron for your little one and make them your sous chef for the day! Carving designs on the gujjia, rolling the dough for breads and shaping breads in funny ways not only fascinates children but also revs up their appetite! This gastronomic ritual is bound to go a long way and familiarize your kids with the traditional delicacies of the festival.

Make Your Own Organic Colours

Kids can never get enough of playing Holi, splashing about in the water and getting messy with colours. It’s common knowledge how harmful chemical colours can be, especially for a child’s sensitive skin! Engage your kids in a home colour-making activity and have fun as you create diverse concoctions. You can use natural ingredients like wheat, turmeric powder, besan, beetroot juice, fuller’s earth (multani mitti), powder of flowers and so forth.

Visit the Less Fortunate

While festivals are a time to splurge and rejoice for us, it could be a rather incomplete occasion for the less fortunate. Cultivate empathy in your little ones by spending the day with children in orphanages and teaching your kids the value of privileges that they may have taken for granted. Encourage them to spread the festive joy by sharing homemade treats, toys and clothes with the less privileged.