When it comes to kids festival dresses, why should girls have all the fun?

The classic Sherwani will forever have its appeal, but repeating the same ol’ style for every festive occasion would be a shame, given the multitude of kids’ sherwani options that surround us. Every once a while, it is important to switch things up and experiment with colours, patterns, silhouettes and accessories. So don’t be afraid to jazz up your little boy’s sartorial game! And the best part – you get to rake in lots of compliments!

 The Dhoti Swag

This is such a simple way to give a twist to the conventional kurta-chudidaar combination. A runway-approved trend, this option retains the traditional Indian aesthetic without letting the overall look become run-of-the-mill. What’s more, you can simply use an old kurta and pair it up with a ready-made dhoti of your choice.

 The Velvet Regalia

Velvet, in its own right, makes a big statement. And since winters call for a deeper palette, this time of the year is the perfect opportunity to combine the two! Picking velvet helps kill two birds with one stone – it not only shields your kid from the chilly weather but also adds a royal touch to the ensemble.

 East Meets West

This ultra easy style is sure to be a winner with your kid! Falling in the indo-western category, a short sherwani jacket brings a modern twist to traditional tailoring. The key here is to have an impeccable fit so that it resembles the modern coat suit look.

Pair it with either jodhpuri pants or the classic chudidaar and don’t forget to add that pop of colour with a pocket square!

 A Boy Is Known by the Shoes He Wears

Shoes say a lot about a person’s personality and are in fact, invested with the power of completely sealing or killing the deal. And very often, we tend to forget about the importance of shoes in achieving the right look. The go-to choice is obviously a pair of naagra or jooti but brogues and embellished loafers also complement a sherwani really well. However, we don’t what the shoes to divert the attention away from the outfit - so make sure they are adorned with subtle decorations.

 Look at That Showstopper!

In certain Indian weddings, the youngest brother or nephew of the groom accompanies him on the horse and matches up to his grandeur. If your little one is playing the role of a ‘sarbala’, you must go for an elegant ‘angrakha style’ sherwani that will be every bit as royal as the groom’s designer sherwani.