Once you’ve got a baby, your life starts revolving around their safety, from head to toe, especially, their little toes!

And as much as your little girl might love to waltz around, she needs a pair of shoes that’ll keep those tiny feet snug and happy. Same goes for your little boy who loves to rock in dad’s loafers at the drop of a hat! So, whether you’re dressing them up in designer kids wear for a birthday, setting them up for school, or heading out to the beach, you would want your little ones in the right kind of footwear so they always put their best foot forward.

Check out these footwear for kids that are always a winner, regardless of eras, age or gender:

1. At School, It’s About Cool!

Have your kids hit the school-going age? If yes, thena pair of hardy school shoes easily tops the list. They look cool and provide soft feet with just the right kind of cushiony comfort. Considering that kids spend a large part of their day at school, you’ve got to pick a purposeful pair that meetsthe demands of everyday school life (which could be jumping around in the mud or trying their hand at tree climbing etc). Simple styles withlaces, Velcro or straps cut it – depending on your kids’ love for fun and frolic.

2. All Weather Wellies

Come rain or snow, a pair of gumboots is just the thing to weather any weather, comfortably and in style. Go for colourful prints or classic solid waterproof boots that are easy to slip on. We are sure your little ones will love to ‘splish splash’ their way out of puddles without you having to fret a bit!

3. Sturdy Sneakers

Ever seen a kid lay low longer than a few seconds? Unless they’re sleeping or engrossed in something they love doing, nothing gets kids going more than running around, creating noise, and being active on their feet. A pair (or two, if notmore) of sneakers is a must in every kid’s wardrobe. Make sure you get a snug fit with slip-resistant soles and comfortable lining so they can run riot with no strings attached!

4. Comfy Flip-Flops

When strolling around the house or by the beach, a pair of non-slip, comfy slippers can keeplittle feet softly cocooned. Floral prints are a beach favourite, but plain pairs come in handy when you’ve to rush out the door with no time to think of mix-n-match.

5. Sunny Sandals

Show some summer lovin’with pairs of bright sandals incorporated into your kid’s wardrobes. Classic Roman style footwear for girls works beautifully with all girly outfits, as for the little guys, casual loafers and moccasins are a great pick for just about any occasion.

6. Warm Boots

When that nip in the air turns chilly, it’s time to bring out winter boots. You can find alot of cute options as you scout designer kids’ footwear online. Pair them up with chic coats and dapper blazers for a warm and wonderful winter wonderland look.

7. Dressy Shoes

Got a special occasion coming up? All you need is apair of smarty dressy shoes to get any formal or casual get-up going. Classical choices include Oxfords for boys, and Mary Janesor ballet flats for girls.