Conquering mealtime tantrums are a parent’s worst nightmare. Let’s face it; kids have never been big fans of healthy eating. As much as we’d like to fill up their bellies with broccoli and carrots, they seem to prefer an unhealthy indulgence of burgers, candies and all things junk. Getting your kids on board with healthy eating habits can be a difficult task, but there’s just no shying away from the challenge.

The key to cracking the healthy foods conundrum lies in a tactful mix of recognising what a child loves to eat, giving it a healthy spin and plating it up as creatively and innovatively as you can! Let them eat with their eyes, and before you know it, they’ll be gobbling down broccoli unawares –and absolutely loving it!

Here are a few super easy, healthy and tasty snacks that’ll get their tummies rumbling for more:

1. Fruity Yogurt Popsicles

There’s nothing kids love more than ice-cream and here’s a trick to give their favourite treat a completely healthy twist. Mix chopped fruits with yogurt, pour into popsicle-makers and stick them in the freezer for a couple of hours. Strawberries, kiwis & blueberries are a great combo for a flavourful burst of health.

Kiss synthetic flavoured and sugary lollies goodbye, and say hello to your kid’s favourite new treat!

2. Juicy Smoothies

Kids may not love chewing down on whole fruits, but they sure can’t resist slurping up some delicious smoothies! The easiest way to ensure your little ones are getting all the fruity nutrition they need is to just whip up a juicy fruit smoothie. Blend milk and yogurt with any fruit and a dash of honey for extra sweetening.

It’s your best bet to power up the kids to take on the day’s adventures. Keep a pack of fun coloured & printed straws to make the smoothie experience go a whole lot smoother!

3. Muffin Egg Pizzas

Toss out the junk, and introduce the healthy version of pizzas your kids will go crazy over! Cut English muffin buns in half, add a layer of cheese, tomatoes & boiled or poached eggs; sprinkle with salt and dried herbs (pick one of oregano/basil/thyme, etc.); toast for a couple of minutes and serve up a tasty treat that’s got all the right protein-carb ratio to keep kids active and happy.

4. Peanut Butter Banana Pops

Could a childhood possibly be complete without the delicious goodness of peanut butter? We think not! But it’s time to give the old classic peanut butter & jelly combo a nutty upgrade. Stick a whole banana on an ice-cream or satay stick, spread a generous layer of PB, and finish it up with a layer of muesli for a nutritious and yummy crunch.

High on protein and fibre, the much-loved peanut butter is a great way to get your kids high on health.

5. Pita Bread & Hummus Wraps

Put together whole-wheat pita, hummus, and diced veggies, and let the secret to healthy eating out of the wraps. Lost in each delectable bite of flavoursome hummus, the kids will never know what hit them –complete and utter vitamin, iron, protein and fibre-rich delight. That’s what we call a wrap, folks!