For you, it’s all about the family. You make sacrifices every single day to make sure your loved ones are taken care of. You ensure all members are well cared for and remain healthy. At the cost of sounding cheesy, you make this world a better place.

But hey, what about you? When was the last time you treated yourself to a bit of lone time? The last time you read your favourite novel or enjoyed a glass of wine in isolation. With 14th May just around the corner, it’s time to celebrate the patience, kindness, and simplicity of all you mothers out there.

This Mother’s Day, don’t wait to be pampered! Instead, take time out to spoil yourself a little by indulging in some self-care – doing things that make you happy; things that help you refresh your spirit.

So, in preparation for your designated day of pampering, here are some ideas from us:

First Things First

Spend the day with nothing more on your agenda but YOU. Relax and do only the things you enjoy. Bring out the guitar that’s gathering dust in the attic. Light some aroma candles for a calming effect. You could also enjoy a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood or a swing in the local park.

Exercise Detox

It’s the perfect day to cleanse your body by working up a sweat. Go for a run or swing to your favourite tunes, may be? Or grab yourself a hot cup of green tea infused with the goodness of antioxidants – nothing soothes the senses better. However, considering the scorching summer heat, you could also churn yourself a green smoothie – a powerhouse of nutrition and health.

Take A Hot Bath

Sounds heavenly just thinking about it, doesn’t it? Pamper yourself with the luxury of some uninterrupted relaxation – a long and hot bubble bath with a few drops of aroma oils. Do not forget to take your favourite book along; read a chapter or ten, make sure you don’t care. Also, a glass of wine never hurt anybody.

Hangout with Friends

Chances are, you haven’t had the time to go out and catch up over a decent conversation with your group of close friends. Take some time to meet old friends, laugh and revisit old memories. But instead of doing a clichéd lunch or going for the movies, schedule a group mani-pedi session – let someone else pamper you while you just sit back and enjoy.

A Family Dinner

We know you’re already starting to miss your little ones. Well, end your special day with the family – a fancy dinner at your favourite restaurant or a cozy home-cooked meal. Take it up a notch by twinning with the tots. Kidology offers customized mother and kids dresses tailor-made to reflect your unique relationship with your child. For more details, you could explore the Mini Me section on our website or visit the store.