Moving into a new space that you can call your home calls for celebrations. The journey of creating new memories is inaugurated with a housewarming party. Party prep is not easy; decor needs to be in place, there should be enough food for everyone, seating arrangements, if any, should be sufficient – there’s a lot that needs attention. In all that planning, contemplating on what to wear for the party takes a backseat.

Dressing up in warm, welcoming attire sends out friendly vibes at the event, paving way for a positive atmosphere. Parents and kids dressing up similarly also add a wonderful charm to the occasion. Kids these days are more aware of what’s trending and what’s fashionable. Parents also play a big role in shaping up kids’ perspective towards fashion and styling. So, they should encourage the little ones to understand the occasion and dress accordingly.

1. Traditional wear: A lot of housewarming parties starting around noon involve rituals and prayers. And any traditional touch to the event calls for ethnic apparel. For kids, look no further than Kidology. The assortment of designs in kids ethnic wear, along with the comfortable and soft fabric is bound to make your little ones happy.

2. Coordinates: Kids tend to get antsy fairly quickly. They enjoy staying on their feet, scurrying around or hogging on the snacks. Sometimes, they enjoy wearing casual wear that allow their bodies to move more freely. That’s where coordinates come in handy. Mixing and matching different outfits can result in stunning combinations that can work out perfectly well for a casual housewarming party. Kidology has a wide range in designer kids wear to pick from.

3. Formal Wear: Formal or western wear is popular for housewarming parties, especially the ones that are hosted after sundown. Kids too can choose to wear incredible styles that can assure them comfort while looking incredibly stylish. Kids may choose from crisp pants and shirts, beautiful vest jackets, elegant one-piece dresses from the Kidology collection, and pair them with the accessories available on the online store to complete the look.