Kids are easily impressed. Give a toddler a squeaky toy or let them run riot in a sandpit, and you’ll have opened up paradise to them. So, when you’re planning your kid’s birthday, you don’t need to overextend. Here’s how you can keep the fuss to a minimum, and the fun factor high at your little one’s special day:

Fun and Games

You may feel the urge to splurge big to out-do the big bash at the adventure park last year –but you don’t need to go beyond yourself to create the most memorable birthday. A fabulous party needs just a little bit of creativity, planning and a few simple tips and tricks– fun games like indoor hopscotch, freeze and even the good ol’ pen-and-pencil device work just fine.  If you can be your kids’ very own Harry Houdini and pull off some basic tricks (making coins disappear from underneath cups etc) –the kids are sure to have a cracking time.  A quirky little crafts corner can really push it to the next level.  

Theme parties almost always win it!

Can’t decide on the décor, dress, activities and delicacies? Just theme it! From princess to pirates, pool, dinosaur, robots and carnival, there are a number of exciting themes to rev it up and tie together every little element into a perfect little story.

Invites and whom to invite

Who: You might think inviting kids the age of your child is just the thing, but what if your 3-year-old is a friendly little extrovert who loves hitting it off all the way. Whether you must invite the whole class, neighbourhood buddies and relatives or just best friends and family is a decisive call you must get right.  

How: If you’ve chosen a theme then building it into the invite is a great idea. Design on your own if you can or rummage around online to get around to a few quirky templates. For new age parents, digital invites are quite the rage; make sure date, time, venue, RSVP number and party theme are spot on. Also, mention clearly if the invite extends to parents too.   

When: Evenings work just fine but naptimes and late nights are best avoided. You’d think the date is obvious, but check ahead to see if the VIPs (best friends, family, etc.) are going to be available, or whether it’s an inconvenient weekday, so you can reschedule to a more suitable day–you don’t want your child to be missing his favourite people around.

Food: Every kid party is a mix of curious choosy minds. One thing that is almost a universal favourite is the cake—get it chocolaty, colourful and themed, and that’s definitely going to be the talk of the classroom the next day! A sundae bar is set to get the little ones excited—overall, an assorted menu is the key.

Goodie Bags: Secretly, kids love attending birthday parties for two reasons: cake and return gifts. Throw in some candy, toys and little surprises into a goodie-bag, and your little one is sure to win brownie points with his buddies! You can also have the good ol’ piñata with tidbits and candy for some crazy fun!

Lastly, remember, to have a truckload of fun, all you need is a bucketload of well-executed ideas!