Classical to contemporary, regal to quirky, couture to kidswear – top Indian designers have got it all. From veteran favourites to newer sensations, we bring you 2016’s top of the line designers to watch out for:


1. Manish Malhotra

India’s fashion industry blue-eyed boy has coolly topped the charts for two decades, and one look at his latest 2016 collections, and you know he’s here to rule.

Foraying into fashion by costume designing for Bollywood blockbusters, Manish Malhotra has revolutionised Bollywood fashion as we know it. From runway to reel, he has made waves in India and internationally –his works often considered a measure of Indian style& fashion.

Best known for his contemporary take on classical sensibilities, the ace designer celebrates traditional ethnic attires with an inspiring fusion of prints, fabrics, and colours making up effervescent trousseau collections. The sumptuous hues & intricate embroideries of his latest Diffusion & Couture Collections often leave fashionistas and brides gushing in awe.  

2. Sabyasachi

If not on the runway, in his showrooms, or within the fashion industry, Sabyasachi’s exquisite creations are displayed time and time again, often draped on the ethereal Indian beauty & actress Vidya Balan. The actress is a well-known fan of the designer, and we can sure see just why.

Sabhyasachi’s take on the saree has women falling in love with the quintessential Indian garb all over again. Reigniting the identity of ethnicity, Sabyasachi’s creations are a contemporary celebration of a garment, civilisations old. Best known for his off-the-wall take on the saree, the designer’s lehengas, gowns, suits and more are no less enchanting. His latest Spring Summer collection comes as yet another inspiring testament to our culture & heritage.

3. Tarun Tahiliani

Bold, beautiful and impossibly breath-taking, Tarun Tahiliani’s collections have always captured elegance in subtle ways. The designer’s 2016 Couture and Ready-to-Wear collections extol the richness of Indian fabric history and culture.

Tahiliani manages to express traditional sensibilities draped, layered and embellished with a contemporary appeal. The synchronous designs in his 2016 collection envision courtesans in a new avatar with modern musings.

4. Masaba Gupta

Talk modern fashion, and Masaba Gupta has been sensational on that front, causing ripples all across the fashion world. The uninhibited style icon walked in with her slightly eccentric but highly electrifying designs infusing a breath of fresh air in the industry. Despite her recent entry into the big league, she has already established herself as the queen of prints and rolled out her own exotic label.

Her creations have wowed crowds both on and off the runway, thanks to her playful prints, casual designs and quirky styles.