They say travel broadens the mind, but young parents would agree that travel broadens suitcases as well, bursting at the seams with diapers, trunks, and a whole load of kidsparaphernalia! While gearing up for a tripwith kids might seem a long-winded packing process, but a little bit of effort, enthusiasm and direction is all it takes to pack like a pro!

So, here we go tackling the ultimate kids’ wardrobe essentials for travelling – those little things done right that can save you a lot of frantic running around.

The Travel Outfit 

Whether you’re travelling by air, rail, road orsea, comfort wear is your best bet. Loose, flowy and comfortable kids wear is the way to go. Of course, you may have to layer up or down as per weather and climate.

The Mini-Backpacker

A small knapsack with a water bottle, snacks, some personal hygiene products (sanitizer, lip balms, etc.), sunglasses, a few toys, drawing books, or whatever cuts it with the little one is a must on the side. If your kid can slip it up his shoulder, do let him/her – a little sense of belongingness is never bad!


A pair of sneakers, sandals, flip-flops and dressy shoes should do the trick for most holidays. While happy and bright colours always lighten it up, throw in at least one basic colourto beat those last-minute colour-coordination mishaps.

Those Bare Necessities

When it comes to these little ones, you can never have enough underwear and socks! Keep some delicate detergent handy, so you can wash and dry them out to cover for those unexpected, untimed bladder accidents.

More Functional, Less Fancy

You can never be too sure of what you’ll be encountering while travelling… Rain, mud, rocks, unpredictable terrains or even some rough baggage handling, and that’s why playingit safe isn’t a bad idea! Pack your kid enough basic, durable, comfortable and functional stuff so you don’t have to worry too much about them getting ruined.

Sun, Sand & Sea

Lightweight & breathable clothes are both easier to pack and more comfortable against the summer sun. T-shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses and overalls in bright hues, floral prints and quirky patternsget your kids summertime style on point. Denims are a gift of God –they don’t wrinkle easy, and they’re hardy.If you’re headed for the beach, bathing suits are a given. Carry hats,caps, sunglasses and an endless supply of sunscreen to keep them sun-kissed and glowing, yet protected.

Winter Wonderland

Layers are the key to crack kids’ winter wardrobe for travelling. Warm innersthat keep them snug are a head start; hoodies, cardigans, bomber jackets, woollen socks, boots, caps, earmuffs, gloves, and mufflers will do it for you.

Rainy Days

We all know just how (un)reliable weather can be, so, monsoon or no monsoon; always have some kind of baby rainwear tucked into your luggage. Active kidswear such as sporty shorts and tees are ideal for the monsoons as they dry off easily.

Adventure Calls

If you’re off on a trekking, hikingor camping expedition, make sure you pack a good load of full-length clothing to avoid scraping against rough terrains and keep creepy-crawlies away. Cargo pantsnever let you down here. Pair them withhardy shoes and a wide hat and you’re all set for the wild.

While personal preferences will always be in play, use the above as a directional guideand you’ll get over the line easier than you ever thought. Here’s to a happy trip--Bon Voyage!