Can’t resist buying every cute little onesie you come across? Welcome to parenthood! Having a baby on the way is an exciting affair for first time moms and dads. All you see is baby products here, baby books there, and adorable baby outfits everywhere!

A little preparation can go a long way in welcoming your baby to the world. Putting together a wardrobe to keep your little one comfortable and protected is just as important as baby-proofing your house. And trust us, you want to make sure you get it all sorted before the baby arrives and you’ve entered an era of sleepless nights. Here are a few things to get you prepared:

Babies come in all shapes and sizes!

You can never be too sure about size until the baby’s born. But here’s what you can do –just grab free-sized newborn clothes, and keep the tags so you can return/exchange them later.

They grow quickly.

Baby clothes don’t last long. Before you know it, your little one would have outgrown them all, and you’ll need to size up and replace the entire wardrobe. How often you’re willing to do laundry is going to factor in majorly too! So, keep your options open, but also limited to practical necessitates. You could also buy a size or two up to come in handy for a longer time.

Stick to soft and comfortable.

Only materials like fleece and 100% cotton do justice to delicate skin. Remember, your baby can’t communicate discomfort across. So, be extra careful in keeping them comfortable and away from any source of irritation. Synthetic fabrics, open seams and tags are best kept off.  

Stay with simple and snug

Your baby’s going to have more outfit changes in a day than a model at the busiest fashion show. There are going to be a lot of those little bladder transgressions you need to prepare for. So, you would want to make sure the clothes you choose are stretchy enough to remove with ease, and can be easily accessed for diaper changes. Avoid tight necks and go in for crotch snaps, side naps, zippers and simple button-downs instead.

Now that the brief is covered, the little nuances are pretty simple. Stock up about 5-7 onesies, 3-5 stretchy pants, 5-10 t-shirts, 3-5 simply styled newborn dresses, a couple of fleece and soft woollen jackets, cardigans and hats, and a whole lot of socks

Also, don’t forget a ‘welcome home’ outfit for the baby as your walk your first steps into parenthood.