Formative years are fun. From parental attention to advice, everything comes on a platter, including how to dress up. From being the first trendsetters, to setting up their kid's wardrobe, parents are in control. But where do you draw the line? When do you, as parents, let them make their own wardrobe decisions?

Studies suggest one of the most important early childhood traits that go on to make a difference in adult life is confidence. And things as simple and innocuous as the freedom to pick your own clothes could be a head start. Read on to figure why exercising this simple choice could propel your child further:

1. Instils confidence to make decisions

Giving children the freedom to express is a confidence booster as it gives them a sense of acceptance. You do that and soon you’d find them making small associations, like picking ethnic kids wear by choice at a family or cultural event. A little bit of appreciation at this stage will go a long way in laying a foundation for self-confidence. And when a difference of opinion happens, you can make them learn to be more accepting of others’ opinions.

2. Improves their ability to express

The way kids interact from a young age is likely to shape up their personality in later life. Giving them the freedom to make small decisions early on often translates into better abilities to express. This helps them develop a knack to speak out against something bothersome or if they have a different stance about a matter. Being able to express is a key communication pillar at any stage of life; what better than some early-bird lessons!

3. Can dress up independently

By the age of four, most children are able to put on simple clothes by themselves. This is often seen to have a direct correlation with the clothes they like. In unfamiliar territories too, like a new type of dress they have never before tried on, they are likely to give their best shot. With a little bit of appreciation from you, this could build a strong sense of self-belief and prime up their motor skills.

4. Better understanding of style

After a certain age, kids consider a lot of factors when they get down to picking clothes. Other than colours, they notice what’s in trend when they see differently styled clothes and designs. In doing this, they tend to develop a basic understanding of styles and a perception of relating to appropriateness of situations.

5. No Prejudices

In choosing clothes for your child, as a parent, you are likely to a certain degree be influenced by your own tastes. This could get passed on to your child, sometimes creating barriers to free thinking. Especially as your child starts developing opinions as he gets exposed to traditional, ethnic or designer kids wear. Freedom to choose provides them with the exposure to different styles that could work more for them.